Community pays respects to Huntingdon Mayor Dale Kelley

HUNTINGDON, Tenn. — The City of Huntingdon honored a respected member of their community. Huntingdon Mayor Dale Kelley died on Saturday.

Family, friends and colleagues came to pay their respects and highlight the impact Kelley made in West Tennessee.

“Dale was the embodiment of that motto, serving others needs even above his own needs, putting others first,” said Walton West, a friend of Kelley.

“Encouragement to young referees, his encouragement to young coaches. I can name so many and there are many in this room today. I have had some call me in the last few days from all over saying Dale did this for me. It is not forgotten,” said Walter Butler, a friend of Kelley.

Kelley served as mayor for 30 years and has worn many hats during his career. From education and coaching to local government, Mike Cary says his presence was felt by many.

“Mayor Kelley’s impact was more than a ripple or an ember. Mayor Kelley was a supernova that used his god-given talents for the betterment of mankind,” Cary said.

Lori Nolen worked with Kelley while he served as mayor. Nolen says during his time he built up the town of Huntingdon and created a team that could help bring his vision alive.

“He was a master at finding people, getting them on board, utilizing their skill sets and making things happen,” Nolen said.

And she says Kelley created his team to continue building up the town.

“He was looking into the future and who we are bringing into this and he was saying, ‘I have to hand it off to you.’ Dale Kelley has been laying a foundation for us for years. As we look to the future, he has prepared things for us to continue on,” Nolen said.

The many people who were impacted by Kelley will always remember his love for his community.

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