Better Business Bureau warns of student loan, sports streaming scams

JACKSON, Tenn. — The Better Business Bureau says there are new scams that people need to be aware of.

The Biden administration recently announced that the federal government will cancel up to $20,000 of federal student loans per person. Now officials are seeing an increase in scam calls.

Scammers may pose as the government and ask for very sensitive and personal information. The BBB says anything about student loans will more than likely come through the mail. There are also scams about fake sports streaming services.

“But you click the link, the next screen asks you to sign up for the streaming service. So you enter your name and email and then you get asked for your credit card number and potentially more sensitive information. The most often will tag the school, which are involved in order to make the post to look legitimate,” said Daniel Irwin, Director Of PR and Outreach for the Better Business Bureau of the MidSouth.

When dealing with student loan websites, you should check for “.edu” or “.gov” at the end of a website.

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