Jackson Police investigating Friday pursuit that ended in wreck

JACKSON, Tenn. — Law enforcement is investigating a pursuit that ended in a wreck in Jackson.

Around 3 p.m., the Jackson Police Department was alerted by one of the Flock cameras of a stolen vehicle traveling in the city.

According to the department, once they were notified, a sergeant attempted to initiate a traffic stop. However, the vehicle fled the scene, resulting in a patrol car being hit.

“We seen like eight police cars go by. They were going real, real fast and they were zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom,” said the owner of Liz’s Catfish and More.

From there a pursuit began and led police down Hollywood Drive.

“Later on they say they wrecked a police car down there. They had store that up, then all of the sudden we were sitting back here talking. Again, next thing I know I just heard a big boom,” said the owner of Liz’s Catfish and More.

The stolen vehicle wrecked into another vehicle on the corner of Skyridge and Hollywood Drive. The other vehicle involved belonged to the owner of Liz’s Catfish and More, a food truck on the corner where the wreck happened.

“They hit manwire and knocked my pole out and they totaled my truck,” said the owner of Liz’s Catfish and More.

The owner of Liz’s Catfish says it happened quick, and once it did, several people in the stolen vehicle started to run from the scene.

“It was just a disaster. They jumped out before the car stopped. It was like 10 of them. Two went that way, two that way, two went that way, some went that way. I grabbed one by the jacket, but he twirled and got away from me,” said the owner of Liz’s Catfish and More.

JPD says at least one person was apprehended. As for the owner of the wrecked vehicle, she says the car that she just paid off is now totaled.

“I don’t want no car note. I mean I love kids, but these young folks I tell you, I just don’t know what to say, and I’m still nervous,” said the owner of Liz’s Catfish and More.

The owner of Liz’s Catfish has been at its location for four years.

She says because of this she might move her businesses a little bit off of the corner to prevent this from happening again.

JPD says if you have any information that will help them in this investigation, please contact the station at (731) 425-8400.

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