Cruisin’ for a cause, event raises money for West TN women

JACKSON, Tenn. –The first annual Cruisin’ for Cancer Car Show took place on Saturday afternoon with a big response from the community.

The Woman’s Clinic, PA hosted its first annual Cruisin’ for Cancer Car Show.

Jon Ewing, Chief Operating Officer, took time to share on the importance of the event.

“This is all raising money for our local foundation account for breast cancer, and we help out individuals that have recently found out they have breast cancer, up to a $1,000. They don’t have to be a patient of our clinic. So if they need a car payment made, a house payment, help with electric bill, that’s what this goes to help with,” Ewing said.

With such a need not just in our community, but for all over, it is important to remember to help those nearest to us.

Maigan Smith, Administrative assistant for the Woman’s Clinic, PA, adds the emphasis of what this fund means to our community of West TN.

“It’s important to participate because giving back to the community is always important, but just knowing that the “Take your Girls Out” fund is just for West TN women, you’re giving back to your neighbor, your friend, your family member. You’re giving back to women that we know, and so that’s what so special about our fund,” Smith said.

Breast cancer is still very active, Ewing continues on why this fund is still so needed.

“It’s still one in every eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, and then after the years of COVID, there were people that missed their exam, and missed their mammograms and so we are trying to just encourage people to get out there and get those screening mammograms. And our doctors and nurse practitioners here will take care of them and our staff,” Ewing said.

The Woman’s Clinic, PA will continue to host future events to fund the “Take your Girls Out” fund.

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