Butterfly release held in honor of National Grief Awareness Day

JACKSON, Tenn. — On Tuesday, members of the community got together under the leading of the Positive Living Group, to hold a butterfly release in the memory of those who are no longer with us.

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Twana Miller, the Executive Clinical Director and Owner of the Positive Living Group, shares why the life after loss group is so important to have.

“What we do at life after loss is we bring people together in the community who have experienced traumatic grief and loss, or just regular grief and loss. After the pandemic we just saw a great need for it. ”

After COVID it became easier for people to isolate, but in grief, support is heavily encouraged and needed.

Miller continues, “It helps them to see that I’m not alone, you know I’m not in this by myself. Here is another mother that maybe has experienced the same thing. Here is another daughter, or another son, so it helps people to see that they are not alone, we come together and we just, we’re able to give them the tools, the therapeutic tools to process grief and loss.”

District Director of TN Department of Correction, Probation, and Parole, Monika Jones, who also serves as the event’s guest speaker, expresses what being able to share about the tragic death of her sister, Tina Stewart means to her.

“I’m excited for these opportunities, they’re emotional, but it gives me an opportunity to keep her memory alive.”

Jones finishes by sharing how having support and being support for someone can leave an impact.

“Just to be that support and let them know, hey I’m walking that path, I might have gone before you. You can follow it. I might can give you some help, some support, and coping, and moving forward with it, just to let you know, you know we’re right here. So its all about the support. ”

The Positive Living Group will continue to host events to better the community. For more information on how you can get involved click here.

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