Jackson-Madison County Library sparks creativity with upcycling program

JACKSON, Tenn. — You can give items around your home a new look with the help of the Jackson-Madison county library.

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Adult services librarian, Shayne Plunk shares why the main library in downtown Jackson continues to expand in services like the upcycling program.
This service creates a space where you can come in with different items that are no longer serving a purpose and turning it into a work of art.

“Upcycling is something we have been doing for the last few months, we have just been gathering some materials that people might normally decide to get rid of, or throw away. Stuff that we could have you bring in, and learn how to turn it into something decorative, or maybe something useful,” explained Plunk.
The library is also a great source to not only get access to books, but it is also a place where events are hosted.
Events that are coming up include One Book One Community, american sign language classes, and more.

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