Arrive Alive Tour makes a stop at Lexington High School

LEXINGTON, Tenn. — The Arrive Alive Tour has been going to schools all over to let students drive in a vehicle simulator to let them know what it is like to drive under the influence.

There is the option to simulate driving under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, and even texting and driving.

Thursday, the tour made a visit to Lexington High School for the students to try out the simulation.

Many students agreed that after driving the simulation, they will now think twice before getting behind the wheel under the influence or texting while driving.

“I could not see,” said student DJ Russell. “If that is what it really looks like, I believe more people should try this to understand what it’s like, so they will not do it.”

“It was pretty wicked,” student Brennen Anthony said. “I was texting while driving. It was hard to drive.”

The next stop for the tour is Scotts Hill High School on Friday.

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