Travelers react to prices at the pump as holiday weekend approaches

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. — Travelers are on the move with another holiday weekend right around the corner.

Jane Knox, a frequent traveler, shares her excitement on how the decline of gas prices has impacted her traveling.

“I have to use premium, so yes ma’am I am excited.” Knox states, “It’s like ‘Yesss!’ Yes I have. It has really been nice, because I have been traveling even during the high prices. So yeah, I can really tell a difference.”

Another delighted traveler is Jean Turner, who says the decrease came at the perfect time. “Oh my gosh I’m so happy to see gas prices going down. They have been so high this summer and I knew I had to make this trip cross country. And so I’m really happy to see that they are getting lower every day,” Turner says.

But not all travelers are optimistic about the current gas prices declining.

Garrett Blom expresses his concern.

“I started two days ago out of Williamsburg, Virginia, and I’m driving cross country to Scottsdale, so using a lot of gas. And gas prices are super high. It’s not um , I don’t love and pulling off and filling up anymore, right. So don’t know what we can do about it, but it’s definitely pretty painful at the pump nowadays,” Blom states.

Traveling can be difficult especially when your car takes gas in large demands. Lilith grace, chose a different route to help with her gas decline.

“I bought another car that was better on gas,” Grace continues, “so when I actually travel I have a different car that I use to travel with. ”

Traveling is expected to pick up over the weekend, and gas prices are expected to continue their downward slope.

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