Educator of the Week: Brooke Britt

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Brooke Britt says she has always had a passion to teach math and change students perspectives on it, and that’s what she does at Lexington High School.

“That’s my first question of the year, every year, ‘Who hates math? Great you’re mine this year.’ So we always try to change how kids feel about math,” Britt said.

Britt says she chose to teach at high school because she loves the level of math and the challenge it brings.

“I love the level of math,” Britt said. “It’s hard and I like to really set that foundation for the next four years in Algebra 1.”

Britt says one of the most important things in her Algebra 1 class is confidence, and without it, you cannot grow.

“Confidence, show them that we can do it. We do it and we work at it and we work at it and we work at it. We stay with the steps. We constantly just improve in those small goals.”

And once they have that confidence in themselves, Britt says it’s easy to watch their success increase from there.

“And the more confident they are, the more they care, the more excited they are about math, I can just see it. And that’s success to me,” Britt said.

Two other things that Britt says is important in her class is to make mistakes and to be willing. And she wants to see them carry that with them even when they leave.

“One is mistakes are proof you’re trying, and two is, if you’re not willing to learn, no one can help you. But if you’re willing to learn no one can stop you,” said Britt.

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