Showers & Isolated Storms Coming this Weekend

Friday Night Forecast Update

Friday Night Forecast Update for September 2nd:

All of West Tennessee will see showers chances each day between 50-70% over the 3 day weekend. Some storm activity is expected to develop with some of the rain showers that will pop up each afternoon and evening this weekend. Severe storms are NOT expected, but count on encountering some rain over Labor Day Weekend if you plan on spending time outdoors. We will have more on what you can expect where you live below and we will be watching things closely this weekend in the 7 Storm Team Weather Center.

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After the 4th wettest August on record in Jackson, the severe drought that was plaguing most of West Tennessee has been eliminated or greatly diminished in most locations. We ended up seeing more than double what we get in a typical August. More rain is heading our way for your Labor Day weekend.

May be an image of map and text that says 'STORMTEAM STORM WEATHER DROUGHT MONITOR EXCE Tiptonville Dyersburg STORMTEAM WEATHER Trenton Ripley Huntingdon Camden TOTAL RAINFALL IN JACKSON Alamo Covington Brownsville Lexington Parsons 7.31" ABOVE so FAR THIS MONTH 3.53" Henderson Somerville Bolivar Memphis Selmer Savannah STORMTEAM WEATHER AVERAGE AUGUST FAR RECORD RAINFALL INAUGUST 10.24" (1974) 2022 WILL WETTEST (2005 3RD) YEARLY RAINFALL IN JACKSON AUGUST 1ST 0.52" BELOW Û THIS 36.86"' 37 .38" STORMTEA WEATHER DROUGHT MONITOR Tiptonyille 2022 FAR AVERAGE WE DOUBLED OUR AVERAGE RAIN AUGUST SAW 0.21 MORE RAIN 2022 THAN 2021 Trenton Huntingdon Camden Covington Brownsville Somerville Bolivar Memphis Selmer Savannah'



Mostly cloudy skies will hang around most of the night tonight. The winds will stay light and go calm again as the night goes on. Lows will dip down to the mid 60s by Friday morning. Rain showers are not in the forecast for West Tennessee tonight.


The winds changed to the south on Friday increasing the humidity a bit and more clouds can be expected for the next few days. Rain showers are still not expected to return until after midnight at the earliest. Friday night lows will fall down to around 70°. Friday night football games look great with temperatures around 80° for kick off and mid 70s by the end of the games, leave the umbrellas at home.


Unfortunately rain showers and storm chances will be returning to the forecast for West Tennessee for the upcoming holiday weekend. Severe weather is NOT expected but if you are going to be out and about or having a BBQ, just know you might be dodging some isolated shower activity. Chances for rain on Saturday is currently 60% but that number jumps up to around 70% for Sunday.

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Highs on Saturday will be in the upper 80s and it will be a bit humid, so a shower might help cool things down some. Partly cloudy skies can be expected on Saturday and mostly cloudy skies look to stick around on Sunday. The increase in clouds and shower chances will drop highs into the mid 80s for Sunday. Saturday and Sunday night lows are forecast to dip down to around 70°. The winds will stay out of the southeast most of the weekend.


Rain showers and storm activity appears to be sticking around for Labor Day across West Tennessee. Shower chances sit around 50% as of now. We are not looking at a total washout but do expect to be impacted by some shower activity in the afternoon and evening hours for your holiday plans. Highs will reach the mid 80s again on Monday, mostly cloudy skies and a east wind will be lingering around most of the day. Monday night lows will drop into the upper 60s.


Rain chances and weak storm activity appears to be sticking around for the first half of next week. Highs will hang around in the mid 80s and lows will drop down to around 70° most nights. Partly to mostly cloudy skies will linger and the winds will stay out of the south keeping the humidity up a bit. As we head into the first week of September, pretty typical weather will be in the forecast. There is a lot of activity in the Atlantic Ocean as far as tropical development, but none of the storms are currently forecast to move into the Gulf of Mexico and have any impacts across the USA.

May be an image of map, sky and text that says 'STORM TEAM WEATHER WBBJ 7 FORECAST RAIN Thursday 10:00 PM 1.7" 1.7" 7" Union City 1.8" Tiptonville Martin 2.0" Paris 1.9" Dyersburg 2.1" Trenton 2.3" Alamo 2.4" Huntingdon 1.9" Ripley 1.8" Camden 2.0" 2.1" Covington Brownsville 3.1" Jackson 3.3" Lexington 2.0" Parsons 3.2" Henderson RAIN SHOWERS ARE LIKELY to DEVELOP ACROSS WEST TN. EACH DAY THIS WEEKEND. CHANCES FOR RAIN CONTINUES INTO NEXT WEEK AS WELL. HERE IS A LOOK AT TOTAL POSSIBLE RAINFALL ACROSS OUR AREA FROM SATURDAY MORNING THROUGH THURSDAY NIGHT! 2.0" Somerville 2.1" Memphis 1.9" Bolivar 2.1" Selmer 1.8" Savannah'



After a very hot and dry July, August has been cooler and turned out to be a wet month. We picked up 7.31″ of rain making it the 4th wettest August on record bumping the 7.10″ from 2021 down to the 5th wettest on record. The record sits at 10.24″ set back in 1974. August 2022 turned out to be the wettest August since back in 2005 when we saw 9.72″. It appears the extreme heat may be over with but another heat wave or two could still move in before the summer is over. There will be more chances for severe weather but overall, August and September are typically low for severe weather development.  The tropics have been very quiet so far but usually begin to heat up towards the end of the summer. So you need to stay weather aware to changing weather patterns and monitor the forecasts closely. We got you covered in the WBBJ 7 Storm Team Weather Center as always.

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