Tennessee park readies for annual ‘Super Bowl of Marbles’

HILHAM, Tenn. (AP) — Tennessee will play host to the 39th annual National Rolley Hole Marbles Championship on Sept. 17.

Rolley hole is a game that involves shooting marbles into small holes in the ground while keeping other teams from making the holes. Players say it involves skill and strategy, and the annual event at Standing Stone State Park is considered the “Super Bowl of Marbles.”

Courtesy of FB: 39th National Rolley Hole Marble Championships

The championship matches will be played on the park’s 40-by-20-foot dirt marbles yard, the only marbles yard in the country located within a state park, according to a news release from the parks. The tournament will include a festival with bluegrass music, food, marble-making demonstrations, a marbles roller coaster and kids’ marbles games.

“There is no other event like this in the world,” Standing Stone Park Ranger Shawn Hughes said.
More information is available on the Standing Stone State Park website.

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