City of Jackson launches ‘Neighborhood Academy’ to inform citizens and spark change

JACKSON, Tenn. — The City of Jackson is launching a new program called Neighborhood Academy, focused on empowering and teaching the citizens of Jackson about their local government.

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“Attendees will attend a session a month,” said City of Jackson Community Development Coordinator Claire Pierson. “It’ll be a two-hour session and each month will focus on something different in local government, so by the end they’ll have a really good knowledge of everything local government does and how they can get involved and how they can make change.”

Over the six month period, citizens will learn a variety of things including what local government does and what each department does. And at the end, they’ll get the chance to make change.

“At the end of the last session, they will present a policy change that they want to see in their community, and that can be big or really small like adding a crosswalk,” Pierson said.

By the end of the six sessions, they’re hoping to have more knowledgeable citizens across the City of Jackson.

“We’re looking for residents to know more about their city, know more about their city leaders, know who to ask, know what they can get done themselves without having to involve the city, and just getting more knowledge,” said Pierson.

If you’re over the age of 18 and live in city limits, you’re eligible to apply — but apply soon. The applications are available until next Thursday.

“The sessions will take place here in City Hall,” Pierson said. “We are asking for nominees and applications by the 15th of September so that we can get started by October.”

Click here for more information on how to apply.

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