Actress/comedian Rachel Dratch helps launch Lysol Laundry Challenge

JACKSON, Tenn. — Whether it’s after a long day of work, or maybe an afterschool activity, Lysol is wanting to help with odor causing bacteria.

The #LysolLaundryChallenge is a launch to challenge viewers to sanitize their smelly laundry by using Lysol laundry sanitizer.

Comedian, actress and author Rachel Dratch is partnering with Lysol to launch the challenge.

She will be one of many who will smell the “World’s Stinkiest Sock,” a sock created by scientists to represent the worst foot odor and odor causing bacteria.

“I actually used it and it really does work,” Dratch said. “I used it not on a stinky sock, I used it on my rug that my dog had a few accidents on, and I gotta say that stuff really works.”

On September 13, Dratch and others will smell the World’s Stinkiest Sock at Fenway Park in Boston.

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