New zoning proposal sparks disagreements in Carroll County

CARROLL COUNTY, Tenn. — Tensions ran high during a local county commission meeting Monday evening.

The purpose of this meeting was to vote on a change to the planning regulations in the area of the Carroll County 1,000 Acre Lake.

The Carroll County Commission voted for a zoning change for a resort, substance abuse treatment center as well as other projects.

The proposal ended up passing 13 to 7.

Many members of the community voiced their opinions on the matter, with the majority not agreeing to the proposal.

“As far as I know nobody wants this to happen. It is 300 acres. It is in the country. It is not in town. I feel that this development would be best suited in town and not out in the country,” said Kristi Renzi, who is against the proposed zoning.

As of now there is no official word when construction will begin.

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