Doctor offers ways to combat allergies as fall season approaches

JACKSON, Tenn. — Fall is almost here, which means gearing up for allergies.

Dr. Neeta Ogden believes preparing for allergy season is vital for everyone.

Dr. Ogden says there are some must-have items, and shares tips and tricks to combat allergies and asthma.

One item that Dr. Ogden believes is beneficial is the app called the Zyrtec AllergyCast. One of the many features on this app is the ability to track the local pollen counts for the area. Anyone can download it from their app store.

There’s also the Zyrtec chewable tablets, which are convenient and can be taken on the go without having to take it with water.

“I think that allergies are one of the things where you can really help people,” Dr. Ogden said. “It affects a person’s quality of life. It leads to missed days of work and school. We have such effective remedies that you can really make a difference in someone’s life by tackling allergies.”

You can find the chewable tablets and other over the counter allergy medications at mass retailers, online, and your local grocery stores.

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