Hub City hosts its second Community Clean Up Day

JACKSON, Tenn. — The City of Jackson, along with Keep Jackson Beautiful, started the city wide cleanup days within Jackson.

Leilani Mills, Director of Health and Sanitation shares the success of the first clean up day. “Our first event we had over 200 items, so we had lots of tires, lots of mattresses. Lots of pieces of furniture.”

Superintendent for Health and Sanitation, Chris Woods tells how the event got started.

“The Mayor wanted to do something to help the community and get stuff off the streets.” Woods stated, “So we started doing these monthly and we have another location today, out at Malesus. So we try to do one at either side of the city, once a month.”

Michelle Kessinger, the Executive Secretary at Health and Sanitation relays the feedback they have received thus far.

“We have gotten a lot of great feedback, a lot of thank yous for being out here doing this. So, it’s a lot of positive, positivity rather. So I just, I hope it’s something that people continue to appreciate, and that we continue to do. ”

Kessinger also shares what to expect for next month. “It’s not going to be the same day every month, it will be a different location, a different day. Now next month, we have our hazardous waste day, which is October 22, and that will be held on Conalco drive. So that will be anything like paints and oils, gas fluorescent lights, anything of that nature.”

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