The first food truck brunch event kicked off this weekend


JACKSON, Tenn. — Jackson residents had a list of food trucks to try Sunday.

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The first ever food truck brunch was held Sunday here in Jackson.

It was a great turnout with many members of the community at the event to enjoy the food.

There were a large number of food trucks in attendance with all types of food for the community to enjoy, from Italian and seafood, to desserts such as funnel cakes and deep fried Oreo’s.

The purpose of the event is to raise money to make senior care packages that will be given in November.

“I am personally so pleased that today worked out very well. We have a plethora of food truck vendors that came out to support our cause for seniors in November. We are very pleased that the farmers market sponsored this event for us,” said Genevieve Dupree, Owner of Floral Cakes Bakery.

This will be an annual event and will be coming back next year.

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