Expert aims to help you avoid Medicare mistakes

JACKSON, Tenn. — When it comes to Medicare, the need for clear information is always important.

When choosing a plan, a wave of new challenges could cost you or your loved ones the coverage needed.

Expert Ari Parker is sharing tips from his new book “It’s Not That Complicated.”

The book aims to break down Medicare information into understandable terms.

With the annual enrollment period approaching, challenges like inflation and the rising cost of living can be overwhelming.

Changes from the Inflation Reduction Act won’t go into effect until two years from now, but there are a few things to consider this year and next year before that happens.

“You need to make sure your prescriptions are covered affordably,” Parker said. “Not all prescriptions are covered equally across plans. The prescription name matters, for example whether it’s a generic or a brand name, the dosage, the frequency, and the pharmacy you go to matters too.”

These decisions are critical to protect your health and wealth going in to the future.

Parker says everyone should consider the four P’s during open enrollment: providers, prescriptions, pharmacies, and their personal priorities.

These are the topics you should be discussing with an advisor.

You can find Parker’s book “It’s Not That Complicated” on Amazon.

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