Suicide prevention volunteers present ‘Signs of Hope’ to Jackson travelers

JACKSON, Tenn. — A West Tennessee organization spreads awareness of suicide prevention by holding signs at busy intersections in Jackson.

The month of September is dedicated to suicide awareness.

The Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network (TSPN) hosted its annual volunteer-driven campaign to spread suicide prevention awareness, called “Signs of Hope.”

Today volunteers stood at two intersections in Jackson, holding signs with different phrases about suicide prevention.

One group of sign holders were located at North Highland and Carriage House Drive.

The other group was located at Vann Drive and Stonebridge Boulevard.

“Signs of hope” is an annual event, and the organization hopes to have even larger turnouts in the future.

Lindsey Carr, TSPN Southwest Regional Director, speaks about their mission for Friday’s event.

“I think our biggest desire was to see that people, just passersby, anyone that’s walking around, would see a literal sign of hope, that you know, we would inspire a smile or just a, maybe a different way of thinking in that moment,” Carr said.

If you want to participate in “Signs of Hope” next year, contact Lindsey Carr at or (731) 988-6813.

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