Teen mental health issues spotlighted amid Suicide Prevention month

JACKSON, Tenn. — Experts are aiming to improve the mental health of teenagers.

September marks National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.

Tuesday, we spoke to Rick Birt, President and CEO of the nonprofit Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD), about teens and their mental health.

Birt shed light on issues some teens face such as peer pressure, violence, and destructive behavior.

SADD is dedicated to the safety and wellness of all students. The organization is also committed to advocating for healthy decision-making.

“SADD is doing several things to raise awareness about Suicide Prevention Month,” Birt said. “Not just suicide itself, but also other acts that teens may be partaking in that might threaten their health and safety.”

If anyone is in need of assistance, they can dial the Suicide Prevention hotline at 988 to speak with a trained professional who can talk to an individual through a crisis.

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