Doctors discuss ‘Long COVID’, symptoms that may linger for months

JACKSON, Tenn. — Scientists continue to study the long term effects of COVID-19.

“Long COVID” is the term used to describe the post-COVID condition, where many months after contracting COVID, people may still feel effects from the illness.

Depending on how severe the COVID case was, the post-COVID condition can be better or worse.

Some of these long COVID symptoms are depression, anxiety, shortness of breath, chest pain, and more.

“I think when you talk to patients that come to our clinic they have a similar story,” said Dr. Alexander Truong with Emory University. “They do tell about an acute infection, they’ve got a confirmed infection and then progression of disease or symptoms, you know, one, two, three, six months after it.”

Scientists and medical officials will continue to research how the long-term symptoms of COVID affect people’s day to day lives.

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