Local utility companies assisting with power restoration in Florida

JACKSON, Tenn. — Members of Jackson Energy Authority were sent to help with recovery efforts from Hurricane Ian.

Wednesday, a crew of six linemen and four trucks were headed to Florida to help.

It’s unknown how long they’ll be there, because the time will depend on the damage.

They’ll be working with other crews to help restore power once the hurricane is over.

More people will possibly be sent out depending on the severity of the damage.

“It will be a matter of assessing. It will be the first thing when the storm finally gets through. To assess the damage, what resources will be needed to get power restored. That will depend on
how many people are without power and in what areas of the state,” said Steve Bowers, manager of Media Relations, Jackson Energy Authority.

As of late Wednesday, officials say more the 2 million people were already without power.

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