National ‘Previvor’ Day opens conversation for those at-risk of cancer

JACKSON, Tenn. — Wednesday is National Previvor Day, and medical professionals urge women to open the door to conversations about cancers.

A previvor is someone who is at susceptibility or increased risk to a disease such as cancer, but have not yet been diagnosed.

Some of the qualifiers of being a previvor can be various hereditary genetic mutations from your parents.

A recent study has shown that men can also carry genetics that can be passed down to their daughters that increase risks of breast and ovarian cancers.

Previvors urge women to have conversations with their families about genetics and the possibilities of cancers.

Learning about your family’s health and paying equal attention to both parents’ genes is important in preventing cancers in women.

“So, one of the most important things that a patient can do after talking to all of their family members about what cancers are in their family, is go talk to a healthcare professional,” said Physician Assistant Skyler Jesz. “It’s important that you share your family history with your healthcare professional so they can help you decide if genetic testing is appropriate for you.”

Medical professionals advise learning your family history and speaking to doctors if you think you may qualify as a cancer previvor.

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