Local Red Cross, Salvation Army volunteers join hurricane relief efforts

JACKSON, Tenn. — Local volunteers of major nonprofits are getting involved in the relief efforts for Hurricane Ian.

These organizations include the American Red Cross and The Salvation Army.

David Hicks, the Executive Director for the Midwest TN Chapter of the American Red Cross, gives some insight on our community heroes.

“As of yesterday, we had four that have already been deployed and are boots on the ground,” Hicks said. “We are hoping by the end of this week to see as many as 10 or possibly more that will be part of that direct and immediate response.”

Eric Short, Director of Communications & Marketing at The Salvation Army, Kentucky & Tennessee Division, shares how the local Salvation Army is also preparing to be of service, with two teams from Texas and Florida already assisting with the survivors.

“We have a mobile feeding unit that is being prepared as we speak, and volunteers have been notified to be on standby for possible deployment,” Short said. “They haven’t received any orders yet, but they are ready to respond if needed.”

Through these two organizations, and others, needs are being met to help those who have went through potentially one of the hardest times in their lives.

The volunteers are not just there to provide shelter, warm food and water, they help to give mental support, someone to share with and help them to walk through the journey they are currently facing.

Hicks shares on the focus for the Red Cross.

“The primary areas that they’re focused in are sheltering and feeding,” Hicks said. “And from what I’ve gathered on Tuesday night, Red Cross shelters held over 13,000 people that have the capacity to host as many as 60,000, and of course now feeding large mass feeding will begin to take place.”

Both nonprofits are actively involved in our community, in order to help when life becomes difficult or unforeseen circumstances take place such as natural disasters.

Click here to learn more about the American Red Cross, or here for information on The Salvation Army.

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