Rifa hosts 17th annual Canstruction fundraiser

JACKSON, Tenn.– Regional Interfaith Association, also known as RIFA, held its 17th annual Canstruction fundraiser Thursday.

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“Teams have participated and they built out structures on Tuesday, there were judges on Wednesday, and tonight is our big awards night. We’ll reveal to the community who has the best of show, who has built the best structure,” says assistant director of RIFA, Shaun Powers.

Teams of schools, businesses, churches and other organizations competed in the event.

 Around 44 thousand pounds of canned food was used for the competition with all of that food going right back to RIFA. It will help feed families in need.

“This food will help to carry us through the Christmas season and hopefully into January, we feed people seven days a week at RIFA. Sunday through Saturday too, or sometimes three meals a day. So all of this food will be used seven days a week at RIFA,” explains Powers.

With 13 teams in the competition, there can only be one winner.

“Drum roll please… best of show for Canstruction 2022 is Tennalum Hocus Pocus,” announces Director of RIFA, Lisa Tillman.


“It’s great to see industries, churches, nonprofits come together and support RIFA by collecting cans and doing something different to help that effort, and this event is something different because they’re building a structure with canned food items,” Powers says.

The night continued with music, and entertainment from comedian Rik Roberts. To volunteer with RIFA or to be a part of Canstruction click here.

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