Tennessee National Guard to aid with recovery efforts in FL following Hurricane Ian

JACKSON, Tenn.–The Volunteer State once again proves why it has that nickname.

The Tennessee National Guard has been requested by the state of Florida. The National Guard convoy was spotted Thursday driving through Jackson around 1 p.m.  The convoy consisted of various units from all over Tennessee.

These units are on their way to Florida to provide first aid, cleanup, and other humanitarian needs to the infrastructure and citizens affected by Hurricane Ian.

Around 1,200 troops were sent as a part of Florida’s Emergency Management Assistance Compact, which allows nearby states to send aid in times of need.

“Tennessee loves to serve. We are truly the Volunteer State going back to many historical events where they’ve asked for volunteers, we have provided them. So, that’s what we are, that’s why we put on the uniform, that’s what we like to do. We are the National Guard, we want to help, that’s why we raised our right hand to do it, why we put on the uniform,” said Lt. Col. Marty Malone,  director of Public Affairs Tennessee National Guard.

So far, Tennessee has sent more troops to Florida than any other state. They’re expected to be in Florida for around 19 days providing aid.

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