Local nonprofit hosts inaugural Miss Aspiration Pageant

JACKSON, Tenn.–One local nonprofit is inspiring young girls in a new way.

Sisters With Aspiring Goals, also known as S.W.A.G., hosted its inaugural Miss Aspiration Pageant Saturday evening.

The crowned winner will have the opportunity to interact in West Tennessee activities and throughout the community, to help bring inspiration to other young ladies.

Former Miss Jackson Volunteer, Katie Hodges, was the pageant’s M.C. and she shared the hope for the new winner.

“We don’t want them to just get crowned tonight and then that be it. We want them to be out in the community talking to girls, with S.W.A.G. letting them know that they can aspire and be anything they want to. That’s why we called it Miss Aspiration, but we just wanted to benefit the community and benefit young girls all in Jackson,” Hodges said.

The pageant concluded with Ny’emah Henry claiming the title of the first crowned Miss Aspiration.

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