One downtown gets a spooky head start on Halloween

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn.–Disney’s Halloween has come to Haywood in downtown Brownsville, and you can see characters from Disney, such as Descendants, or even Hocus Pocus.

Brittany Beaver, the Director of Main Street for Brownsville in Haywood County, shares the purpose behind the festival.

“We wanted to bring a Halloween kickoff party to Haywood county. And so everybody loves the old movies, Hocus Pocus, and Halloween Town. So we wanted to bring that to life in a festival, so we are having a good time today,” Beaver said.

The event hosted a wide variety of students who gave back in a fun way.

Janiya Smith shares what they did. “So we all volunteered from her drama classes or the drama department to dress up as characters and do a meet and greet for the children.”

Emma Milton shares her hope for the kids who see her perform.

“Maybe when they are in high school, they want to be in drama too. Cause it’s a way to express yourself. And get more out there. And be comfortable with you, and your body, ” Milton said.

Katrina Taylor also shares how she hopes to impact the kids who come out to participate.

“I hope that the kids, look at us and see like, gain some kind of confidence, so that they can be themselves and do what they want to do,” Taylor said.

A crowd favorite, will also stick around a while.

“Everybody can still come enjoy the giant pumpkin as well as Benny the taxi cab, all the way through the month of October,” Beaver said.

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