Crowd favorite returns to Praise in Unity

JACKSON, Tenn.–An annual event took place Sunday evening at the New Life Christian Center, where people gathered to praise the lord in unity.

The 16th annual praise fest was conducted by Damon Gospel Productions.
Robert Williams, an assistant of the productions and also a Lane Alum, shares the purpose behind the event.

“A way to bring back alumni, a way to bring God and Jesus into the homecoming spirit itself and a way just to have fun praising the Lord.”

Sam Roberts, the production manager of praise fest ’22, states how he hopes for the event to encourage others.

“The biggest impact is no matter what we do that is great, whether it’s college, whether it’s our careers, keeping god centered events and god focused events. So that that we have we really really believe that you don’t do this on our own. ”

Many were gathered together in community from Jackson,and all the way from Memphis, to attend this event.

The event was filled with songs of praise, and encouragement.
EJ Shelton, the Director Operations of Hub City Mass Choir had this to tell about the event.

“Some great singing, great music of choirs, different artists, different groups, and I’m pretty sure you’re going to leave this event inspired, encouraged and ready to go out into the world and spread the gospel.”

The event will continue to be an annual event and the organizers encourage everyone to come and participate.

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