City of Jackson takes part in National Night Out celebration

JACKSON, Tenn. — October 4 is the annual National Night Out, which is a chance for residents to talk and hang out with law enforcement to create better relationships. 

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“This event is so important. It’s important for the community and the residents to come out and engage with the first responders, ask questions.. Find out information, just fellowship and get to know their neighbors,” says Stephanie Graham, public coordinator for the Jackson Police Department.

Residents could enjoy hot dogs and hamburgers, play games, and had the opportunity to connect with officers through different activities.

“We’ve got lots of agencies giving out information so it’s just some really good music so we’re all having a good time. We got some S.W.A.T. vehicles here and some of our first responders here just to hang out with the neighbors,” says Safe Hope Center director, Jennifer McCraw.

National Night Out is not only taking place across the country but also Jackson. At the Safe Hope Center, there are plenty of activities for police and the community to enjoy together and strengthen relationships. 

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“Law enforcement always wants to have a good relationship with the people they serve because when something happens if they have that relationship sometimes citizens can help them solve crimes so its super important they have that connection before anything happens,” McCraw says.

Other than the Safe Hope Center, there were more than 10 other places residents can visit. If they couldn’t make it to the designated locations they were encouraged to turn on their porch lights and spend the night out with neighbors.

“It’s very important that the community comes out and gets involved. Be aware of what’s going on in your neighborhood the more you know the more you’re aware of if you see something say something,” says Graham.

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