Doctor talks risks associated with untreated hearing loss

JACKSON, Tenn. — October is National Protect Your Hearing Month.

Kathy McGowan, Doctor of Audiology at Beltone, recently spoke with us about risks associated with untreated hearing loss.

A common misconception can be believing it doesn’t happen until you are older.

Exposure to unsafe noises from headphones, concerts, sporting events and more can result in issues with everyday hearing.

Temporary tinnitus, or ringing in the ear, can occur immediately after loud noise exposure and be an early indicator for hearing damage.

Dr. McGowan says it is important to get your hearing checked regularly to prevent any irreversible damage and get the assistance you may need.

“You know, we recommend a hearing evaluation once a year so we can make sure everything is working like it should,” Dr. McGowan said. “Even babies get their hearing screened before they even leave the hospital. It’s pretty important. It’s important to your overall health. It’s important in your quality of life. And it can affect so many other areas of your life.”

In mid-October, the FDA is expected to release a new over-the-counter hearing aid regulation that will provide greater access to hearing aids.

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