Dr. Jerry Woods to run for City of Jackson Mayor next year

JACKSON, Tenn. — Dr. Jerry Woods has announced his candidacy for the 2023 City of Jackson Mayoral Race.

Woods ran against current Jackson Mayor Scott Conger in 2019.

Woods held a media conference Thursday morning, and he says he plans to focus on improving education in the city.

“To increase support in our school system and our youth services to ensure positive outcomes for all of our children,” Woods said.” Positive outcomes means to be able to have a higher and great quality of living. Positive outcomes to me for children is where they will be able to find the job of their choice and to be able to have the skills to do that job. Positive outcome for children is that they can truly see that they can be apart of the American Dream.”

And Woods says he wants to create an “educational advisor” position to the Mayor that would have a hand in bringing educational organizations across the city together.

“If we can have that liaison between County Commission, the City Council, and the Board of Education, that would make all the difference. We can not operate in silos at all,” Woods said.

He says he wants to address the issue of crime and keeping neighborhoods secure in the city.

“We want to enhance, sustain, and protect our neighborhoods to provide greater quality of life for all of our citizens,” Woods said. “There are areas that we want to provide leadership in, in order that we can do that. Show support to law enforcement to show that it is important. A strong push for neighborhood watches. Those are things we can put back in place.”

If elected, Woods wants to bring more affordable housing to the city.

“We want to be able to have more affordable housing for all of our citizens,” said Woods. “While we know we have some very, very nice houses, housing facilities, we want to make sure that affordability is first.”

And he says his years of experience sets him apart as a candidate.

“Working at all levels, large scale, years of experience of working with individuals in distinctly different areas of the State of Tennessee and in the south. We have heart, heart of integrity, heart to want to do the right thing and the campaign emphasizes servant and leadership,” Woods said.

Woods will be running against incumbent Mayor Scott Conger in May of 2023.

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