JEA discusses rising energy costs, shares tips as winter approaches

JACKSON, Tenn. — With the winter months approaching, the customers of Jackson Energy Authority are concerned with the increase in costs.

“There are two things that drive utility bills,” said JEA’s VP of Operations Robert Mullins. “One is the weather, and of course in the summertime if it is extremely hot. We are all familiar with June, July, and August of this year, which were abnormally hot, especially June and July. Also, the price that Jackson Energy Authority pays for that energy.”

It is predicted that this winter may be one of the coldest on record. This worries customers that energy prices will increase more than ever.

“TVA uses 40% of their electric production from natural gas,” Mullins said. “As natural gas prices go up, TVA costs to make power goes up, and that’s translated to Jackson Energy Authority prices.” (*NOTE: SEE BELOW)

Many customers are looking for tips or ways to cut down costs this winter while combating the cold weather. Mullins gives the customers tips on how to do that.

“The best thing customers can do is be aware of their home usage. Do wise things with home insulation, keeping your thermostat set at a lower temperature. All the conservation things you can do to keep your usage low as we go into winter,” said Mullins.

JEA looks to cause as least of an impact as possible when it comes to the increase of costs this winter.

“One important thing to note as we go into the winter time is that the natural gas costs do stay higher than historical rates. That we do inform the customer to conserve as much as possible. We want that to impact the customer as least as possible.”

*NOTE: TVA notes that Mr. Mullins got the % of natural gas incorrect, and should be 28% vs. 40% 
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