Expert shares tips on recognizing scams, how to avoid becoming a victim

JACKSON, Tenn. — October marks Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and experts are empowering individuals to recognize cyber threats and avoid becoming a victim to scams.

Stacey Nash, SVP and General Manager at USAA, says the country has seen a recent surge in imposter scams, where individuals impersonate businesses, government entities or relatives in hopes to obtain money or personal information.

Nash says that people should shift away from a place of immediately trusting that everyone who calls, texts or emails you is who they say they are.

“A lot of these fraudsters will call from places that people typically trust — their bank, law enforcement in some cases — and when they ask for information, people give it to them, because they believe it is a reputable person trying to help them,” Nash said.

Nash adds that enrolling in multi-factor authentication for your online accounts and changing passwords frequently will help protect your personal information.

If you suspect that you’re a victim to a scam, Nash says to immediately contact your bank and local law enforcement.

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