November 8 Elections: What you need to know

JACKSON, Tenn. — The November 8 elections are vastly approaching, with early voting starting on October 19.

“It will have the Governor, it will have four amendment questions on it. It’ll have your Senate. It’ll have your State Representative and your Congress,” said Lori Lott, Administrator of Elections in Madison County.

“In order for the amendments to pass, number one, you have to have more yes votes than no,” Lott said. “Number two, is you have to have the yes votes must be the majority of all of the votes in the gubernatorial election.”

The process of voting is very quick, with the normal time being about 10 minutes, says Lott.

Lott shares the Madison County early voting location.

“It’s always here at 311 North Parkway,” Lott said. “On Election Day, you will go to your precinct, and there’s 29 precincts, you must go to the precinct that you reside in.”

Make sure to bring a state or federally issued photo ID, which can even be expired, in order to avoid any issues checking in.

Elections are a time for your voice to be heard, so get prepared to cast your vote.

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