Education foundation discusses investments and endowments

JACKSON, Tenn.– The Jackson-Madison County education foundation was dormant for five years, now officials say they’re getting back to where they need to be.

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The West Tennessee Healthcare Foundation was invited to the meeting to discuss disbursements from the city and the county to the foundation. 

According to the bylaw, the foundation account is held with west TN healthcare foundation and is currently in a community fund.

Now the education foundation is going to invest that money, to go over what the options are and how much latitude the education fund has with the involvement of how the funds are invested.

“That explanation that was given to us by the foundation is that they are the stewards. They’re going to show us the different funds that are invested, how its invested. We don’t tell them how to do it. They do have special circumstances that we can say we kinda want to go this direction or that direction,” explains chairperson for Jackson-Madison County School System education foundation, Tina Mercer.

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