‘Long COVID’ sufferers experience ‘significant’ limitations to daily life

JACKSON, Tenn. — The personal effects of “long COVID” have a large impact on the lives it touches.

Long COVID patients suffer from dizziness, brain fog, change in smell or taste, sleep problems and many more alarming symptoms.

There are currently no cures or treatments for millions of people facing this harsh reality.

A CDC survey reveals many people with long COVID say the ongoing symptoms “significantly” limit their daily activities.

The Solve Long Covid Initiative is an educational ad campaign that highlights the urgent need for research to solve long COVID.

Dr. Peter Rowe, a long COVID expert, discusses what’s being done to find answers and what more we should be doing.

“In the U.S., the recover initiative at the N.I.H. is going to be an important study and there are many, many other studies going on,” Dr. Rowe said. “So if people have the opportunity to participate in those studies, either as controls or patients, we would encourage that.”

4 out of 5 people with long COVID are still experiencing limitations in their day to day activities.

The long-term impact of long COVID is still being researched. Click here to learn more information.

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