Educator of the Week: Nick Coleman

It’s time now to recognize this weeks Educator of the Week , presented by the Tennessee Education Lottery.

Nick Coleman has been teaching at Inman Middle School for five years now, but says his family motivated him to pursue the career.

“People in my family are teachers – my grandmother, my sister who is a first grade teacher, my wife is a 6th grade teacher. I just have a lot of teachers in my family so I guess the motivation was pretty high because of that,” Coleman said.

Coleman says he loves teaching his 6th grade social studies class and tries to relate the topics back to current day events to better help his students understand.

“I think what I teach is very cool,” Coleman said. “I think the kids like it a lot. Everything that we talk about is what we do now in the current world, in some way or another. We get it all from those ancient civilizations.”

And along with that, Coleman says the hands-on projects are another important part of his class, and they stay on display year round.

“When they bring in the projects from across the room, that shows me that they love what we’re doing in here and I try to decorate my room with them all around the room.”

And while the work he does in the classroom is important, the effort Coleman puts in outside the classroom with his students is important as well.

“Build relationships first, the learning will take care of itself,” Coleman said. “Going to things outside of school just like inside, I think that they really respond to that and that helps them in the building.”

Because the relationships you build with your students will remain forever.

“I think learning has to do more about the relationship that you built rather than the subject matter you teach,” Coleman said.

Coleman is now eligible for the Tennessee Education Lottery Educator of the Month award.

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