Walk event remembers beloved Jackson resident

JACKSON, Tenn. —Second annual Prayer Walk honors Clark Shaw and inspires a Jackson neighborhood.

The Old Country Store and Casey Jones Village held its second annual Prayer Walk in partnership with the Jackson Police Department and Garry Martin, pastor of Jackson First Assembly of God.

The walk is in memory of Clark Shaw, and it was a great turnout with close to a hundred people in attendance.

“It feels great to have all of these people out. We have got close to one hundred that will be walking with us. It is just a very humbling and yet a special sense of pride at the same time, that all of these people are coming out. Some people from the neighborhood and some from every other church,” said Brooks Shaw, General Manager, Old Country Store.

Clark was known locally for his commitment to his Christian faith, his love of Jackson, and the state of Tennessee.

Those walking honor his memory by uplifting the west Jackson neighborhood with prayer and guidance.

“This is amazing. Just to see the church coming out together. Realizing that on Sunday mornings our congregations are not the only ones in the city doing something, but the church as a whole representing our community does so much more and makes a better effect in our community loving on each other,” Martin said.

“These types of events are needed. Whenever the community can get involved, join together, and do things together, it just makes us all better,” Corley said.

“We will be moving down the Old Hickory neighborhood praying over people, praying over homes, praying over children, and praying for salvation and redemption. Just for basic needs to
be met,” Shaw said.

It is also confirmed that the event will be returning again next year.

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