The annual celebratory Buddy Walk returns

JACKSON, Tenn.–Members of the community gathered together on Saturday to celebrate and bring awareness to the down syndrome community with activities and a 2 lap walk.

“This is a yearly event. October, of course, is National Down Syndrome Awareness Month. And every year we have our annual Buddy Walk, when we come out and recognize those individuals with down syndrome, recognize them by giving them a medal and just making a big deal out of them, because they are a big deal and just celebrating them being with their families,” said Dexter Williams, President Down Syndrome Association West TN.

Williams has also been personally impacted by the outreach of the organization.

“We have a daughter with down syndrome. She was here today. She was recognized, her name is Karcyn Williams. So we’ve been involved in the association ever since this, Karcyn was a baby. Karcyn along with this association was a tremendous blessing to my family and I,” Williams said.

The event also showcased each person with down syndrome who wanted to have a poster in their honor.

The posters were spread around the lawn, allowing each person to be seen.

“In our events, for our association, we’re highlighting our children with disabilities and it’s their time to shine,” Williams said.

The walk isn’t the only event to look forward to, the association also host numerous others throughout the year.

“They’re always grateful, you know, for association have these kinds of events. So we have this, you know, we have camp in the summer for them. We have our annual Christmas party events, we have once a month for different age groups, For families, it’s a big deal for their children to be included. You know, that’s what we try to do, ” Williams said.

The Buddy Walk is a community highlight, that shines a light on our friends with down syndrome.

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