City of Jackson leaf pickup begins next week

JACKSON, Tenn. — The leaves are falling once again! And as beautiful as they may be, you might not want them in your yard.

The City of Jackson understands this and has announced the start date for its third citywide leaf pickup!

“Leaves have started to fall in our city and we want our citizens to know that our leaf pick up process will be happening again this season,” said City of Jackson, TN Groundskeeping Superintendent JD Sims. “Our crews will be out servicing each district checking for leaf piles that follow our guidelines for pick up.”

The city says crews will begin sweeping the city on November 1, which is just next week.

They say crews will start at one end of their dedicated district and sweep in its entirety before starting over, making it to where you never have to request a pickup.

“This is the third year that we have implemented this 5-month city-wide leaf pick up sweep and it has proven to be more efficient for our groundskeeping employees and residents,” said Mayor Scott Conger. “The work they do for our city is something to be proud of and I commend Frank Woods, JD, and their staff for making this process easier for our residents.”

“We just ask citizens to put their leaf piles 4-foot maximum from the edge of the road. Not too close to mailboxes, you know, meter covers, things like that. If there’s too many leaves, too many sticks in there or cars blocking, it then it will be passed until the next go around,” Sims said.

Door hangers will also be given out if there is a problem with the pick up to let residents know whey their pile was skipped.

This way the piles can be adjusted and taken for the following pick up.

Leaf pickup will end on March 31, according to the city.

In the meantime, if you need information on the leaf pickup guidelines, just head to the Leaf Pick Up tab on the city’s website.

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