Salvation Army class trains volunteers on emergency disaster response

JACKSON, Tenn. — The Salvation Army in Jackson held its introduction class to emergency disaster services on Tuesday.

This training is for volunteers to learn how to respond to natural or man-made disasters such as hurricanes, fires, and tornadoes, and provide aid to survivors.

“We saw that we had volunteers, yet our volunteer database was lower than what we desired. And so, this event right here is to equip people in our community to be able to respond to those disasters when they happen,” said Lt. Mark Cancia, Core Officer for Jackson’s Salvation Army. “So the Salvation Army has a network of people that are trained to provide food, hydration, emotional, and spiritual care to survivors and responders of disasters.”

In Tuesday’s four-hour training, the students learned about disaster relief safety, why they are serving, who they are serving, how to work around emergency services, food safety, and learning how to use the Command System in the Salvation Army.

The Command System notifies volunteers in the Salvation Army of a deployment and what role they will take.

“We’ll talk about what it means to be fully credentialed for the Salvation Army and what to expect if they’re going on a deployment,” said Bo Sells, Emergency Disaster Services Director for KY & West TN Division of Salvation Army.

With the training completed, the Salvation Army hopes that in the future they will have more volunteers during disasters that are well educated and prepared.

“We make sure that all of our volunteers are vetted and it’s extremely important, because as the Salvation Army, we are a volunteer organization,” Sells said. “So, we rely heavily on our volunteers and of course the very first step when responding to a disaster is making sure that we are prepared.”

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