Benton County mayor attends meeting on Blue Oval City

BENTON COUNTY, Tenn. — The mayor of Benton County headed westward for a meeting about Blue Oval City on Wednesday.

Blue Oval City

A news release says that Mayor Mark Ward went to Covington for the meeting on the multi-billion dollar project.

Ward said:

“I see our active participation in these types of meetings and events as vital for the future growth of Benton County. We are uniquely positioned to offer a home to the numerous industries who will supply and support the coming Ford Manufacturing Operations near Stanton. We can expect to be in serious contention for a respectable number of good paying jobs. I am hopeful that this type of progress will give more of our young people the opportunity to stay in Benton County after graduation and continue to enjoy their hometowns while contributing to the things that make our community great.”

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