Survivor of ovarian, stomach cancer looks to spread awareness

JACKSON, Tenn. — Abby Jo Wilson is a student at Jackson State Community College, and during her time there, she was diagnosed with cancer.

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“So today I’im here to spread cancer awareness. I’m a survivor of ovarian and stomach cancer and just hoping to inspire and motivate a lot of people for obstacles that get thrown in their way,” Wilson said.

Wilson is still in school and has been attending on and off for about two years. However, last semester she had to take a break due to the cancer.

“Just completed my first year here and got diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and I came back and as soon as I started, I found out I had stomach cancer and had to have an emergency surgery,” Wilson said.

After surgery, chemotherapy, and love from her parents and friends, Wilson was able to overcome cancer, and is now living cancer free.

“Absolutely thankful. I thank God for everything. I’m so thankful for the amazing faculty here, and my friends and family that really helped me get back to where I need to be. So I feel super blessed and thankful,” Wilson said.

Wilson is set to get her degree in the spring of 2023, but without support, faith, and a lot of love and care, she wouldn’t be here today.

“Whatever life throws at you, any obstacles, with anything that you’re going through, you can overcome it,” Wilson said.

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