Jackson elementary school hosts annual pumpkin drop

JACKSON, Tenn. — A local Jackson elementary school hosted a pumpkin drop on Friday.

Friday, Jackson Christian School students took part in a “Hallowstream” event with various STREAM activities throughout the day.

“It’s a big day for us. We are having Hallowstream Day. We are a STEM accredited school. That means we incorporate science, technology, engineering, and mathematics into every subject,” said Jeanna Rice, the Director of Elementary at Jackson Christian.

One of the activities is the famous pumpkin drop that took place at the school on Friday.

The Jackson Energy Authority teamed up with JCS, and JEA uses their bucket truck to drop pumpkins from various heights.

“This is our 7th annual Pumpkin Drop competition between the grade levels. Each grade has an engineering design challenge to protect a pumpkin dropped from 30-feet in the air. We partner with JEA every year and our kids compete to see whose pumpkin can last the longest,” said Megan Hyde, the fifth grade teacher at Jackson Christian.

Students were able to bring materials from home to cushion their class pumpkin packed in a box. Every student was excited to take part in the pumpkin drop.

“Each class has a pumpkin and they have wrapped it. We drop the pumpkins from very high and see which one lasts the longest. The one that lasts the longest before it breaks wins,” said Lila Beckhan, a student at Jackson Christian.

Teachers are happy that they are able to incorporate learning for students while they are having fun in the process.

“It’s a great feeling that we are incorporating learning and that we are incorporating those key skills of science, technology, engineering, and math into everyday things, but then we can make it so much fun. The kids enjoy everything that we are doing today,” Rice said.

The winners of the pumpkin drop was Ms. Groves’ fourth grade class.

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