Union students to set out for 2022 Day of Remembrance

JACKSON, Tenn. — On Tuesday, a local college will get involved with the community in a powerful way.

Union Students To Set Out For 2022 Day Of Remembrance

Union University will host their annual Campus and Community Day of Remembrance and Service event.

This is a day where Union cancels classes and encourages students to go out into West Tennessee and volunteer at various organizations around the area.

“Union has been part of the Jackson community for 200 years, and as a member of this community, we greatly value the community around us. We wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for the support of people in Jackson and West Tennessee,” said Tim Ellsworth, the Associate Vice President for University Communications at Union University.

This year students will be doing projects at local schools, churches, RIFA, and more. Some of the various chores they’ll do will be working in the food kitchens, donating blood, and cleaning.

The day will begin with a short church service and then students will disperse to go to their selected location for service work.

“The day wills start tomorrow with a brief chapel service, where we’ll have a message for students, and then they’ll gather and divide up into all the different groups where they are going out. They’ll go out and spend the morning or the afternoon at more than 50 locations across Jackson and West Tennessee,” Ellsworth said.

Union felt the need to do this event as a means to give back to the community. Ellsworth said after the tornado that destroyed parts of the university in 2008, they were delighted by how well the community around them came to their aid.

So every year since then, the school feels it is their mission to repay West Tennessee.

“In the aftermath of those tornadoes, the Jackson and West Tennessee communities were so supportive and helpful coming to campus, helping us in our time of need. And so this event is a way for us to give back and say thank you for so many who have helped us over the years,” Ellsworth said.

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