Atwood mayoral candidate interview for 2022 election

ATWOOD, Tenn. — Two mayoral candidates for Atwood were interviewed with five of the same questions.

Atwood Mayoral Race

When asked about what experience they had, they responded with:

Taylor Coulter:

“Whether it’s here in the community, I’m on the volunteer fire department and just dealing with people everyday, the experience I have is strong in listening and taking other people’s problems and concerns and finding a solution or a way to improve that situation that is at hand.”

Mike Tolley:

“Ten years as an alderman, eight in the past and two in the last two years. I was on the Carroll County electric board. I was a county commissioner for several years, and I have been a businessman in Atwood all my life.”

When asked what issues they wanted to address, they said:

Taylor Coulter:

“Financially and with our infrastructure, we’re in great shape. A lot of the problems that we have are things that have just kind of slid by, whether it be appearance issues as you drive through town or the lack of having events, benefits, and things like that.”

Mike Tolley:

“One of the major issues we have to address is our water department. Is not in good shape, and we need to get out of the red and back on an even keel with the state. I’d like to see us get a playground at our ballpark. We need a community center.”

When asked what set them apart from their opponents, they each said:

Taylor Coulter:

“I believe what really sets me a part is just my eagerness and my passion for what this town needs. We need somebody that’s going to listen to others. We need somebody that’s going to put the foot traffic and the footwork in to meet with these people who have concerns or wants and listen to that.”

Mike Tolley:

“I’m retired. I’m the only candidate that is willing to have office hours or even can have office hours on a regular basis, be available to the people. And I promise to return phone calls and not ignore people. And I want to help people with their issues that they have.”

We reached out to Atwood’s third mayoral candidate, Fridie Algee. However, as of this time, he has not responded.

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