Jackson Boxing Club honors previous coach with new sign

JACKSON, Tenn. — One boxing club in Jackson has been reopened under a name that is familiar to the local Hub City boxing world.

Friday, this gym officially unveiled a new sign as the Jackson Boxing Club. This is the name that another gym possessed in the Jackson area for decades.

The old gym was run by head coach Rayford Collins. However, the new Jackson Boxing Club will be operated by head coach Obie Beard, one of Collins’ star pupils.

“Boxing has been so good to me, man. And I have to give back to my community because my community gave to me when we were growing up. I just want to make it better for these kids, you know. I want to help them with their homework, I want to teach them how to box, and do something that’s constructive, you know,” Beard said.

Coach Cody Gobbell, in partnership with Aldersgate United Methodist Church, donated the sign to the Boxing Club to give it it’s recognizable name.

“Fundraised with food sales, stew sales to raise money for, in part, to give back to our community. And the men’s group at Aldersgate identified a need here at the Jackson Boxing Club to provide them with some exterior signage that they did not have prior. We had found a picture of the old sign and we’ve created a new sign very similar to the old sign,” Gobbell said.

Admission to the gym will be free and it operates as an outlet for people of all ages to learn discipline, stay out of trouble, and release aggression.

Two boxers at the gym talked about how important this is.

“Boxing has always been something that’s been very important to me. It’s kept me out of trouble a lot growing up, you know. It gave me discipline growing up. It definitely build character and it made me who I am today,” said Alexander Stone, a Jackson Boxing Club professional welterweight.

“Boxing saves lives. So if you’re not in the gym, please come get in the gym. If you’re out on the streets doing god knows what, please find the gym. Bring both feet here. It’s free. You don’t got to be in the streets. You can stay out of trouble,” said Josiah Davis, a Jackson Boxing Club amateur heavyweight.

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