New pizza place opens in south Jackson

JACKSON, Tenn. — South Jackson will experience a new taste with the opening of the new Marco’s Pizza location, serving customers one slice at a time.

New Pizza Place Opens In South Jackson

“We’re seeing more and more people look at south Jackson as an opportunity to do business. We have business people traveling from Chester County, south Jackson and McNairy County, all coming through this corridor,” said City Councilman Sam Turner.

As south Jackson continues to expand with new opportunities, Marco’s is not only aiming to leave an impact with their pizza, but also with their generosity.

“We do a lot of programs with the schools, a lot of school fundraisers, both public and private school systems. They either just receive a percent of our donations or we show up and sell pizza. However, we can help fundraise for them as well. And we do a lot with the church organizations as well,” said Rachael Friedrich, the owner and franchisee of Marco’s Pizza. “We do a great price dealing for our churches and make sure that we’re really in strong with them.”

The employees at Marco’s say they’re excited for the new location at 1663 South Highland Avenue and the ability to interact with the community of south Jackson.

Their first location opened 10 years ago on Vann Drive in north Jackson. As their team continues to grow, leaders say they’re looking to also add staff, providing a great experience for customers and workers.

“The biggest goal for my team is to be happy. I want everybody to come in the door, love to come into work. We want everybody to have the best time that they can when they come here and make the most money that they can when they come here. Everybody gets their pizzas out in a good time and customer gets happy and makes employees even happier. It just makes it overall a great work environment,” said Shane Turner, the General Manager of Marco’s Pizza.

New Pizza Place Opens In South Jackson

For other businesses looking to move to south Jackson, Sam Turner says for them to get in contact with leaders in the district to gain resources and needed information.

A listen and learn community meeting will be held by city leaders on November 15.

It will be from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Malesus Community Center with information on updates concerning south Jackson.

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