Jackson students pay special tribute to our veterans

JACKSON, Tenn. — Those that were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice were honored at a local school Friday.

“Thank you for your service. We all are greatly in your debt,” said Jackson Christian School Junior Will Kendrick.

A day to honor those that fought and continue to fight for our country. Jackson Christian School held a Veterans Parade to do just that.

Fran Baker with JCS also served in the United States Army Reserves, and says taking the time to show appreciation is important.

“We want our students to understand how amazing the sacrifice that these veterans, these men and women, were willing to make and so we are honoring them,” Baker said. “We really just wanted everybody to understand how important the men and women that served are.”

The JCS band and choir kicked off the parade around the campus, followed by a line of veterans and a crowd of students cheering them on.

Junior Will Kendrick says he was grateful to honor their commitment to serve.

“Being able to honor them and their sacrifices even after World War I is a great honor to me,” Kendrick said.

Among those honored was World War II Veteran Frank Hazelwood, who served in the U.S. Army, and was grateful to be a part of such a special day with his family.

“It makes me feel good,” Hazelwood said. “I got out of the Army and got into the National Guard for 28 and a half years, so I retired with 31 and half years.”

And he says he will always be proud that he put on a uniform.

“It made me feel mighty mighty good, for 99 years,” said Hazelwood.

The ceremony concluded with the JCS Choir singing “The National Anthem.”

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